So I bet the few readers we have (thank you!!) have wondered how we came to this way of life and if not your crap out of luck cause I am going to tell you anyway! One day about 4 months ago the ever impressive and beautiful Steph (can you tell who edits all the posts!) had come across this diet that she was thinking she might try after she had the baby to get rid of the baby weight.  Not very long after we had that conversation I found CrossFit and fell in love with it, as I was reading more and more about CrossFit I kept seeing things about the Paleo Diet and how lots of CrossFitters used it.  So one day I got a wild hair and just went out and bought some groceries for me to try it for about two weeks.  That did not go over well with Steph seeing as we had already bought our groceries for the pay period…I ended up throwing a bit of a wrench into our budget.  My Bad.  After two weeks of eating this way Steph and I had to sit down and see if this was something that we wanted to do with the whole family, she agreed that we would all try it for two weeks and if the boys and her liked it we would talk about incorporating it into our everyday lives.  Now that first two weeks was a learning experience for the entire family, we didn’t know how much meat, fruits, and veggies we would actually use in that two-week time period and ended up spending way more money on groceries than we had ever spent in the past.  We have learned each time we go grocery shopping how to adjust and how to shop in order to stay within our budget and get the best products for our money.  We now go to the farmers market that is open downtown, we go to the Amish country store for some of our dried goods. So that is how we came across this lifestyle change in a nutshell.  In the near future Steph will talk about how we plan out our menus and grocery list and also what things have changed/improved since we have been eating this way.

-Keeper of the Cage