Why did you go Paleo?

Because I am a Dino Baby, and because my mommy and daddy did.

Is it hard for you to eat Paleo? Why?

Yes, Because sometimes I don’t like the food that we have for dinner.

What is your favorite Paleo meal?

My favorite Paleo meal is Apple, Banana, Strawberry, and Rasins Salad. I also really like the stuffed pork loin that my daddy makes.

What is your favorite cheater meal?

Pizza..I really miss eating pizza!

Do you miss eating the way that you used to or are you happy with your new eating habits?

I wish that we could go back to the way that we used to eat because I really love the old food like pizza.

Do you think that you will continue to eat this way when you grow up?

I will just eat junk food when I grow up.

What do you want to do this summer?

This summer I want to go outside to swim, ride my bike, and have fun!

Anything else you wanna say?

I love eggs and I want to eat my mommy’s food when she doesn’t finish it.  Bye!


*** As you can see we still have challenges to meet as Paleo parents.  It can be a challenge to help your kids understand why they are not eating pizza, candy, and cupcake like all of their friends.  It is something that will continue to be a struggle until they become older, that’s why for us it is important to find paleo-ish substitutions for some of their favorites.  Also we think that it is important to not freak out if they have the occasional non-Paleo food…your only a kid once!  Plus we know that 95% of the time they are eating the best foods for them because we eat them as a family.***

-Keepers of the Cage