Eric here, so today you will be receiving quite a few posts, Steph has been feeling under the weather this weekend, the joys of being 9 months pregnant! Today I want to continue talking about what we do to make our lives easier in this new lifestyle so let’s talk breakfast.  I have learned many things with trial and error over the past few months because I jumped into this lifestyle head first in the super deep end, but thankfully I rock at swimming. No but seriously it was hard the first few weeks until we came up with a plan of attack that worked for our family.

Breakfast was by far the easiest and fastest one of the meals to come up with a plan of attack for. What I have found that works the best for our family right now is prep, prep, prep and did I mention prep! With my schedule during the week and on the occasional weekend I don’t always have a s**t ton of time to make breakfast (a chore I picked up when Steph was put on bed rest). So what we do is decide before we go to stock our cave’s pantry and freezer is what we would we like to have for meals for two weeks. When it comes to breakfast you can be as simple and plain as you want or as crazy awesome as you like we are normally in between. For example this past week we knew we would have a 3 normal staples of breakfast foods, sausage, bacon (oh yea you can eat bacon!) and eggs.  Steph is currently preggo with our third child and those two love them some sausage and I mean love sausage like you have to ask before you can have some (or risk losing a finger).  We use about 2lbs from Monday to Friday each week lately, myself and our other little Dino’s love bacon so we go through a pound a week in the same time frame. Now that is 4lbs of sausage and 2lbs of bacon every two weeks but I love to cook so we get about another 2-3 lbs extra of each for the weekends. Now the eggs are a little tricky to figure out (mainly because I eat the crap out of eggs) we get around 4-5 dozen for every 2 weeks. Now you are probably thinking damn that is a lot of food and it is, but also we are not buying the craptastic sugar loaded stuff we had been in the past.

Now I know what you are thinking or I like to believe I do, you are thinking well I work and have to get my kids to school I don’t have time to cook all that in the morning. Well yes you do. Taking the time on a Saturday, Sunday or any other day you have the time pays off (I use Sunday most of the time). You cook all the sausage and bacon in that free time. You then just let it cool down and I use those handy new Ziploc individual serving bags I put my sausage in it (2 patties each bag) then put them in a freezer bag. The bacon can just go in a freezer bag or you can do the same as the sausage and make individual bags. The night before you go to bed just put the frozen cooked meat in the refrigerator and let it thaw out over night. Now you just have to reheat it in the microwave, in a pan or any other way you would like and bam you have part of breakfast cooked in seconds instead of minutes or hours. Now you can also do a lot of other things like this I make sure that I have some hard-boiled eggs for those mornings I have no time. We also make waffles (gluten free because we haven’t found a Paleo version we like), pancakes and muffins to have for the week. The waffles and pancakes do just fine in the freezer and then in to the toaster (plus they taste better than stores processed crap). The muffins we leave in the refrigerator in a rubber-made container (they last about a week and half before we eat them all). Then all I have to do is while whatever meat you have is reheating, cut up fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, oranges or get some blueberries put on plates. Now most days I have the time to fry an egg or scramble some eggs in a skillet with coconut oil and with these your imagination is the only thing that will limit what they could taste like. In a few minutes you have a healthy and delicious breakfast for your family. Next time I will talk about what we do to make lunches easier and give some links to making Paleo friendly lunches for your kids!

-Keepers of the Cage