I’m back! Told you that you were going to be in post heaven today! We talked about breakfast let’s move on to lunch. Now like breakfast it comes down to a little planning, which means what the heck do you and your family want to have as the main protein and veggies for your lunches. I will talk about the things we have used so far and also the suggestions you find on other Paleo blogs and sites.

For Steph, our Dino babies and I we use mostly left over dinners as our main lunch. Now some times this doesn’t always work because the Dino’s are growing (also I have my fatty nights we all do). So we have back up choices as well. The main staple we use is chicken breasts,  I take a family pack or two and season the  breasts with things like lemon and herb, Greek seasoning, Montreal steak seasoning (yes I know it is chicken not steak) or I just mix other things together that I think will taste good…that doesn’t always go as planned. Then I throw them on the grill, now I normal do this the same time I am cooking the breakfast meats and waffles (who says men can’t multi task, point Eric). Now you may be asking yourself what you would do with said chicken breast for a lunch meal, we use them as they are grilled chicken or meat for a salad or anything else that crosses our mind. We experiment when we are feeling wild and crazy. Something I like having for the boys is gluten free all beef hotdogs they love them and it is so much better for them than Oscar Myer. For myself I have cans of tuna in water that I use for different things,  I think something new after this last week for the wife is brats (again with that Wisconsin girl). You just have to read the labels on things like this to make sure you are getting a good quality meat or if you are a rock star make your own. Since switching over one thing that has become a huge hit in our cave is salads, and I don’t mean just your normal salad. We add all kinds of things to it from our meat choices like grilled chicken, ham, tuna or maybe the left over protein from the night before, we use different kinds of veggies other than just lettuce and tomato like broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, peppers and onions  just to name a few. So our lunch is a little more complicated than breakfast but most of it is already cooked and in most cases when it comes to veggies they are chopped and stored in bags. So it mainly is just the re-heating that takes the most time.  It all boils down to what you want to do. We like to make ours easy and fast because we don’t always have time to make a big fancy meal, nor can we afford to make a lunch that could be considered a dinner!

Now let’s talk briefly on some thing’s recommend by other bloggers and gurus. They always list s**t that sounds like it would be super awesome and tasty but are not practical for the average family. An example is mushroom smothered pork chops, I can literally feel the drool running down my face just thinking about it but I don’t have the time nor the extra money to make a lunch like this. Can some, yes but not the average person in America and to me one thing I want to do is help Paleo become something the normal dude can do and afford. So I say use leftover’s a lot and pre-cook like a rock star for those nights you eat like a fat kid. What do you think? Is this something the average Cave dweller could do or do you think the gurus have it right?

-Keepers of the Cage