Hi there! Eric here, I want to apologize for the gaps in our posts it has been crazy here at the cave. Well now that I think about it, it is always crazy at the cave! Our family has been pretty busy and I don’t see us slowing down any time soon with softball, chasing Dino’s, pulling CQ (that is where I sit at my company for 24hrs just in-case something happens) and CrossFit (when I can) just to name a few things. I all most forgot (not!) the baby Dino has been giving Steph a beat down. Any who back to today’s post, I am going to talk about Crossfit and how I get a small stigma from my co-workers.

First off I want to thank Lt. Josh Cowan (who is over in the Stan) and his wife Victoria for showing me this super awesome thing known as CrossFit. I recently just finished On-Ramp and now am on a quest to help spread the word of how awesome Crossfit is. So needless to say I have some haters around me, now don’t miss understand me I don’t just push it on people or only talk about it. I talk about it to any and all who ask and are looking for something new because they are sick of globe-o gym body building stuff. Now what is frustrating is even through people see the big change in my fitness level and how it has helped me lose weight, they still hate! The worst part is I don’t understand it. I have co-workers that think the Army way of working out is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now parts of it are good, like when we do circuit pt, but the biggest issue is some leaders in the Army have it in their heads that running 5-8 miles every freaking day will make you better, stronger and will raise ones over all fitness. Now I don’t need to explain how that is foolish. But on the other side of the thinking, some leaders think strict body building is the only way to go. Now that has some ups and downs. Yes weight training will make one stronger, but with it you start to lose your endurance. Also this style of pt has one dangers part, some leaders who do this for pt think that everyone of their soldiers can lift the same weight as them. Now it should be plain to see to all that is a super easy way to get someone seriously hurt. And all these people hate on CrossFit but yet it is the safest and most well rounded option that would get the best results for their soldiers. Now I am going to wrap this post up and talk about my new love CrossFit and the body building haters in the gym in my next post, but what are your thoughts on the haters you have around your work or your thoughts on my coworkers.

-Keepers of the Cage