Yesterday I talked about my coworkers, today I am going to change gears and talk about the haters and people that always look at me weird in the gym when I can’t make it to my local box( CrossFit SolaFide). I understand that many people are set in there ways and think that strict body building is the only way to become super fit, but really they are just being vain to a degree. I say this because I was a body building type of person for some time. Looking back, when I was in peak shape from it was all about how good I looked and how much could I bench (not saying everyone is like this). I was super cocky and arrogant. Ask Steph she will totally agree with that (I really do agree!). Then to top it all off I started to become the people in the gym that piss me off, I would look at people and be like get off MY equipment so I can workout because you are weak and lazy. That is not the type of person I wanted to be plus if anyone has done a lot of weight training you know that you lose much of what you have gained in just a blink of an eye if things get crazy and you can’t lift.  So needless to say I understand some of the thoughts that go through some people’s minds.

When I started CF (CrossFit) I was doing it at one of the gyms on-post where I am stationed with one of my soldiers. Now when we first started we had to modify the WODs (workout of the day) a lot I remember the weird stares and looks we would get. The looks on most peoples faces were, “why is he doing his dead lifts so fast, straight into a pull up and then jumping on a box”. It made working out a little bit uncomfortable but if you know me I really don’t give two s**t’s what people think most of the time. We would just ignore the people around us plus the gym has a few small areas set up where you can do some CF stuff, but as the first weeks went on we got less and less people staring at us because they were used to seeing us and our CRAZY way of working out. On occasion some people would still walk by and look down their nose at us. The only think I can figure out is we were on their favorite squat rack. So I have started to come accustomed to the weird looks, because I am sure I will always get them when doing CF when not at a box. Every now and then 2 magical things happen ( yes I feel a little gay after using the word magical). One we see fellow CFs in the gym doing a WOD and ( warning man love moment) our eyes meet and it is like yeah it’s cool we are the only people in here who know what’s up. Two which is rarer someone ASKs about what we are doing, when this happens I stay very professional and answer any questions they have but on the inside I am a giddy little school girl. I love teach people new things which is why I am going to try and get my certification in CF. Any who back on target here, I think the best thing you can do when dealing with haters is just let them hate. Do your thing whether it is CF, Paleo or anything that is out of the norm (what’s normal anyway…no one in this cave). People will always hate but some will come around and ask and maybe even try it. You never know who you  could help because you said F*** the haters.

Now just a little heads up the boss aka Steph and I will be going to the Clarksville Farmers Market tomorrow around 8am to do two things before I go get my WOD on at the box. One we are getting our weekly vegetables and maybe some grass fed meat and two we are picking up our weekly fix of Primal cookies from the Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company, who are a local company that just opened up and sells some bomb a** cookies. We will be writing a review of all their types of cookies for tomorrows post. Eric Out.

-Keepers of the Cage