Saturdays are always busy days for this Dino family, it’s the day we try to spend doing everything as a family. We try and make sure that all of our activities are outside and fun for everyone (also free helps!).

The one thing we make sure to do EVERY Saturday is to stop at the Clarksville Downtown Farmers Market and pick up our produce for the week. The kids really enjoy being able to pick and choose which vegetables and fruits we buy, they also love carrying all the goodies!

I’m not going to lie the best part about the Farmers Market is getting to get our cookie on! The very best Paleo cookies can be found at Nerdy Birdy Cookie Company, who have a booth at every Farmers Market. We look forward to getting our cookies all week long! All Nerdy Birdy Cookies are Gluten free, grain free, soy free, peanut free, free of all refined sweeteners and artificial ingredients.

How cute are these bags and business cards!!! The Nerdy Birdy currently offers 4 different cookies and 2 bars plus their new cookie of the week.

This is the Chocolate Chunk cookie, which is the Dino Babies favorite cookie available.  These cookies have the right balance between a crispy and chewy cookie. It reminds you of a traditional chocolate cookie, and is not overly sweet.

This is the Lemon Sugar cookie and is my favorite of the cookies, it looks just like a traditional sugar cookie but appearances can be deceiving. There is a light lemon taste to these cookies that reminds you of lemonade you know if you ate it! These are perfect if you love sugar cookies, and the lemon zest on top gives a great little pop in your mouth!
Toasted Butter Pecan cookies…say what! These little bundles of joy are Eric’s favorite cookie and let me tell you what they are delicious. When you are eating them it is like you are eating Butter Pecan Ice cream and who doesn’t love that! They have the perfect ratio of pecans to cookie, and have the perfect crispy to chewy thing going on. Would defiantly recommend this savory cookie.

This is the Maple Almond Butter cookie and is one of the sweeter cookies that are offered. When you look at this cookie it reminds you of a traditional molasses cookie and if you are a fan of chewy cookies this one is defiantly for you. The maple flavoring if not overpowering and you can certainly taste the almondie goodness.

The Mint Chocolate cookie is this weeks new flavor and when you smell it the first thing that pops into mind is a York Peppermint Patty. This is a crispier cookie, and the mint flavor is not overpowering and Eric actually enjoyed them and he hates mint! These cookies are a little bit more grainy than the other cookies but still very good!

The Fudge Brownie tastes just like grandmas, moist and chewy! This would be amazing warmed up and with a little ice cream! Really really good! You would never even know this is Paleo.

These are the only pictures I have of the Snicker doodle with Cream Cheese Frosting. The Dino Babies escaped their cage and scarfed down the best bar Nerdy Birdy makes. Yes this is by far our very favorite and we could eat them all day long! They are cinnamony-goodness with a nice light cream cheese topping TO DIE FOR!!!

We really hope that you all will be able to make it down to the Farmers Market and pick up a few to try for yourselves, also hoping they will soon offer to ship these bad boys seeing as this Dino family moves to Alaska in about 3 months!

Stay tuned for another post later today that talks about the rest of our fun filled Saturday!

-Keepers of the Cage