Eric here to put my two cents in for the day. Today like most Saturdays rocked. I got to hang with the Dino’s and the boss, get some awesome fresh veggies and primal cookies at the Clarksville Farmers Market and go get my WOD on. Today was my second time other than On-ramp working out at CFSF ( CrossFit SolaFide). Each time I get to go I love this sport more and more. It is intense, fun and makes you push your body to its limits safely. Today we warmed up with Burpee Dodgeball. Now I know your are like…..uh….what!?, but it is a blast. It starts just like the dodgeball you played as a kid accept you use 10lbs and lighter balls and if you get hit or catch someone’s ball instead of getting out you do 5 burpees! Now you are probably thinking 5 burpees can’t be to bad well when you do it for 10 minutes you end up doing about 20-50 burpees depending on how well you use the 5 D’s of dodgeball. Now I bet you want to go watch DodgeBall.. Ha Ha. It was just like being a kid again. After that we worked on split snatch form and then did a 10-1 burpee and abmat sit-ups  for time. It was a tiring day, but fun as h**l.

Now what is even cooler than all that, our little T-Rex Alex got to do his first Kids CrossFit! He  freaking loved it! He did some agility ladder stuff to warm up and then kids box jumps which his trainer/coach was impressed that on his first day he was jumping 11.5 inches ( he’s only 5)! After that he got to do a kids WOD which had push presses, burpees (he has awesome form on his push-ups for being 5) and modified pull-ups ( hanging on a bar for 6secs). He was so proud of what he did.  Now my little T-Rex is hooked on CF. He is so ready for his next class.

A little bit of info on CF for kids. The info came from It is a strength and conditioning program that is designed for kids and teenagers and develops a life long love of fitness.for the most part no two workouts are the same, so kids and teens don’t get bored and the novelty of each WOD keeps them excited. Just like adult CF it is scalable/modifiable for all fitness levels, which means kids that have never played sports or are super active will et something out of it. The program is for kids 18 and younger. It is a great program. For anymore questions ask on here of check out our link to CF kids. Ask your local box to see if they have a program or see if they will start one. Also if you are a worried parent like we our all coaches have to go throw a very extensive back ground check before they can attend the class to be certified.

Alrighty the mom again…the last thing we did today for Saturday fun day was to take the Dino Babies to the movie in the park. The movie tonight was Kungfu Panda 2, it was a lot of fun! We brought all of our own healthy snacks and were very impressed when both of the boys decided on their own that popcorn was not a good Paleo food! Rock On must be doing something right. We hope that you all had a wonderful family filled Saturday!

-Keepers of the Cage