Steph and I noticed more Saturday night at the movie in the park, that we are a little judgmental of others eating habits. We talked about it and we have noticed that we are getting more and more judgmental as we stick with this new lifestyle. What stood out the most was out of about 7 out of 10 of the families that were there early like us were eating terrible food. We say fried this, fried that, fake meat and about another kind of fast greasy food. What made it worse was 5 out of the 7 had either fat parents or fat parents with kids way to young to be as heavy as they were. Now it seems a little stuck up of me to be like this, but I have been fighting being fat for about 9yrs . Now I fight being over weight even more because my thyroid decided to stop working about 3 yrs. ago  (thanks Iraq!). So we watched theses families and could not but help be like why are you choosing to be like that. What makes it worse is most of the time people I see eat like this complain about being over weight! I just want to YELL it is that garbage you call food in your hands!!  On the other hand there were 3 families that had brought food from home and made there own dinner. We were proud to see this. What makes my point even worse, these families all were in decent shape and had healthy looking kids. Now i do know that i am sure the families we were judging were doing it to us because we are the weirdo’s that brought celery, apples, pears and other things like those. So i guess it is a two way street. We must be the weird just like they seem weird to us.

I understand that it is hard to come to that point when you are like F this and start your journey to a better healthier life, but  what makes it harder is when all you see is over weight people around you all the time. It makes you just be like ” I’m not over weight look at Bob or Sue.”. When in reality you are over a healthy body fat %. One of my favorite blogs Nerd Fitness talked about that in one of his posts. It has to do with a part of the brain that perceives our own appearance. In most people it is thrown out of whack because of the people we surround ourselves with. That is why when you start losing weight you have trouble noticing the new you because this part of your brain has not adjusted to the new you. I have this problem still even though tons of people are telling me I look better and have lost  weight. Steph and I have decided to be here to help any that want help in becoming healthier. That is part of the reason we started this blog.

What are your thoughts on this? If you already eat Paleo, primal or just healthier are you kind of judgmental?