Eric here, first I want to apologize to our few followers about the break in posts. It has been a little crazy. Our newest Dino has been trying to come into the world now for a few days which is awesome but we found out she is breech right now. So we have to weigh a few things and make some choices about whether to try and turn her or have a C-section. Plus I had to make sure the company did not burn down again and I had the last couple of softball games for are first season. So needless to say it has been a little busy in the cave.

I wanted to share with you all a super easy recipe that will defiantly become a summer staple in our cave. I call it Game Day Brats! The name comes from the fact that we have been making it now for a few weeks before my softballs games ( GO Legendary!). The Dino’s love it and it is super easy to adjust to anyone’s liking ( including the non Paleos out there). We have sweet potato fries as a side, which the recipe for those came from Steph’s favorite blogger Juli from paleOMG.

Game Day Brats

1 TBSP Olive Oil
1 medium to large yellow onion
1 green pepper
1 red, orange or yellow pepper ( for color)
1 pack of brats ( your favorite will work)
1/4 cup of Organic Italian Dressing ( we use Annie’s Natural Tuscany Italian)

First start your grill so it starts warming up. Take a large skillet with tall sides and put it on medium high heat. While the skillet is heating up take the onion and cut it in half. Then slice each have so it looks like you have half rings. In the skillet is warm add your Olive Oil and coat the bottom and then add onions. Stir it a few times till all the onions have a light coat of olive oil. While those are cooking cut your peppers in long pieces. Stir the onions and then add peppers. After that start cooking your brats. Keep stirring your onion and pepper mix until they cook down to where you like them. We cook ours till the onions are translucent because of a allergy. When they are where you like them add the dressing and stir. Turn the heat down to a medium low and let the favors combine. Now here is were many people may want to differ. I take the brats when they are done cooking and cut them in to small slices and add to the veggies. If you want you could leave them whole and just top with the veggies or if you have non Paleo friends over put it on a bun and top the same way. Whatever way you decide to  try them you are going to love them!

-Keepers of the Cage