Eric here, my creative juices have been flowing when it comes to dinners this week. Last night we had the most amazing chicken wings ever or at least the Dino’s said so, which is good enough for me. What led me to come up with these is the fact our cave dwellers love and I do mean love chicken wings. So the boss and I bought some wings this week determined to make a awesome Paleo friendly wing recipe, that is easy. The Dino’s went ubber primal on theses wings, I could not give them more fast enough. I can tell you that these will be great come PACKER and MIZZOU football season

Enough with my rambling here is the recipe.

1 cup almond flour/meal
1 TBSP garlic,
1 TBSP onion
1 TBSP chili pepper
1 tsp. Greek seasoning and paprika
Primal friendly BBQ Sauce
Pack of chicken wings

Take all your dry ingredients and mix them well. Now for the next part I have a handy tool from bass pro that is made for putting on rubs to meat but you could easily just mix the dry ingredients in a bowl (or Ziploc bag) and dunk each piece. Now go ahead and start up your grill and make sure it is not to hot. When your grill is ready put on the chicken wings. After about 3-5 mins depending on your grills heat flip the wings. Now on each flip take your BBQ sauce and paint it on with a brush. It only takes about 3 flips ( flip after every 3-5 mins) and they are ready to eat. Serve with what ever sides you like we went with sweet potato fries for one Dino and I and white potato fries for the other Dino and Steph and celery.