Eric here, another Saturday doing our favorite past times the Farmers Market followed by the Box. If you know our Dino’s we can’t go to the market without getting our favorite treat from the most kick butt booth at the market, Nerdy Birdy. They actually run up to the booth shouting Nerdy Birdy! After getting our veggies, fruit and cookies it was time to go get my WOD on! Today was a HERO WOD. Which reminded me of a few reasons I love the CF community. One most boxes are big into helping their surrounding community, two CF is big into honoring or helping Military. Today we honored SSG Brandon M.  Silk, who died June 21st, 2010 serving During Operation Enduring Freedom. Hero WODs are always intense and make you push way past your limits to honor those that can’t be here anymore. Today’s was no different. It was for time.

400 Meter Run
40 HSPU ( Hand Stand Push Ups)
40 BJ ( Box Jumps) 24 m/ 20 f
300 m Run
30 BJ
200 m Run
20 BJ
100 m Run
10 BJ
With an optional  40 Burpees or Weighted Vest

Needless to say I was almost died after I finished my Burpees, but it is worth every bit of the pain!

**The Boss forgot her camera today(preggo brain) so these are just examples of what I did**

The Boss and I also wanted to talk about something we know most people go through when eating Paleo/Primal, what to do when you just feel like a piece of pizza or what ever fatty food you are just wanting at the time. Our cave dwellers are Primal 90% of the time( which I feel is damn good). Some times you can’t help but have something that is not in your lifestyle. Like today on the drive back the Boss just felt like having a slice of pizza, so we got a large pizza and had just a couple of slices each. Now we know we will pay for it later because our bodies are adjusted to eating a certain way but if you just don’t have something then it  is easier to fall of the Brachiosaurus all the way. Later today our dinner will be Primal just like our breakfast was. If you just have a cheat day it is fine just jump back on your Brachiosaurus the next meal or day. One meal or day won’t kill you unless you are allergic to something then just stay away from it but you know that!  We felt it was important to let our few followers or newbies to this life understand it is ok to treat yourself. What our some of your favorite cheat meals when you just feel like having it?

-Keepers of the Cage