Eric here, today I got to reading one of my favorite blogs Nerd Fitness. His blog today talked about how to become strong like a super hero. In it he gives an example of how you should strength train to become stronger not just look strong and the importance of nutrition with it. In the part of nutrition it talked about how you should intake a lot of calories and protein. This got me to wondering what is my calorie intake and what areas I need to change in my quest to become fit and health. So I started looking at apps to help me, I picked MyFitnessPal from the apple store. First off I picked it because it is free ( we love free) and second it had one of the highest user ratings. Now I have only had it for an hour and it is a pretty good app. I am waiting a few days before I give it a keep or trash, anyway after entering my food from today so far I have found out that I don’t intake enough calories but that doesn’t bother me so much because the app doesn’t have a option for what I want when it comes to weight( I don’t care what the scale says I care how I feel). Now what does bother me is I need to up my protein intake, it is just a little lower than I would like. Now I will be on the hunt for a good protein. Now back to the calorie intake I am surprised how low it is with how much food I eat. I now understand how easy it is to burn fat when you convert to Paleo/Primal. It also shows the Boss and I that we still have a long way to go before we figure this lifestyle out, but it is super fun learning along the way because we get to try some awesome food. Hopefully with using this app we will see what to tweak. Have you looked at your diet to see what you are really in taking? It may surprise you.

What tools do you use to track your nutrition?

P.S: It may be a few days before we post again. Tomorrow the Boss goes in to try and get our baby Dino turned. If things go well then she will come any day now. If not then we have a emergency C-section or schedule one in a week or two. Wish us luck.

-Keepers of the Cage