Eric here, well another weekend has come and gone but unlike normal busy weekends this one was all about hiding. Now you are probably wondering ” Hiding from what?” The…..SUN! It was 105 or higher all weekend, which is terrible for a super preggo like the Boss. So we braved the heat and went to the Farmers Market at 0700 because they opened early.

We got our Nerdy Birdy fix like we do every Saturday, by the way they have some new cookies that rock like the Key Lime and the Banana Walnut! Both are now my favorite! The Key Lime has a nice subtle lime flavor that is not over powering and the cookie is the perfect soft to crunch you would expect from them. Now the Banana Walnut is just like having a perfectly moist piece of Banana Nut Bread! The Boss loved them!  The flavors were right on the money and I see us ordering these for next weekend.

By 0740 it was already in the 80’s, so we corralled the Dino’s and ran back to the Cave. The sad thing is because of the heat T-Rex couldn’t get his KCF ( Kids CrossFit) on. Plus with it being so hot that early I was not going to try and go do my WOD and make the family suffer the heat. So we spent the rest of the day just hanging out playing games, reading books and watching movies.  Which then carried over into Sunday.

Now Sunday was worse for the heat because our AC went out around noon and was not fixed until 1900 (7:00 p.m). It got up to 82 in the house, which doesn’t sound to bad when it is 105 outside. But the preggo Boss was suffering because even 70 is hot to her right now.

I did do the Chicken Kabobs and they were awesome! They were a huge hit with the whole Cave! I will be trying a Beef Kabob recipe later this week or next week, let’s hope it is as good as the Chicken Balls. The name and recipe was inspired by my genius father who is awesome on the grill, and without further ado here is the recipe for Chicken Ball Kabobs!

Chicken Balls Kabobs

8-10 wooden Skewers
1 Pack Bacon
4 skinless chicken breast cut into bite size pieces
2 Green Peppers
5 Fresh Large Mushrooms cut into 1/4
1 T Salt
1 T Pepper
2 TSP Garlic Powder
2 TSP Onion Powder

First let your skewers if they are wood like mine were soak in water for about 20 mins.
Cut your bacon pack in half.
Next cut your chicken and veggies. (Note you can use any veggies you like i just had these on hand, grape tomatoes would be really nice too.)
Then get your grill started so it is ready when you finish with the kabobs.
Next season you chicken with the onion and garlic powder.
Then take a piece of bacon wrap it around a piece of chicken and put it on the skewer followed by a pepper and then mushroom. Then just repeat that step till all of your skewers are full.
Just before you place on the grill sprinkle salt and pepper over the kabobs.
Place on grill for about 5 min each side and then enjoy!

-Keepers of the Cage