Eric here, sorry that it has been a while since our last post. It has been extra exciting at the cave we welcomed our newest Dino into the world. I will let the Boss talk about that. But Dino Olivia is a great new addition to our cave.

Today I want to talk about a few random things. First I watched the CrossFit Games all weekend! It was amazing watching all those athletes! Their level of fitness is inspiring. Even the Masters Division would make most people that think they are fit realize they still need a lot of work. It did cause me to realize that I want to do that some day more than I thought I did. I guess I need to step up my training!

So I was feeding our newest Dino Sunday and two commercials for fat-burning crap came on. One was a bigger joke than the other one ( Hydroxycut). Lip something or other was the bigger joke. This one pill will make you skinny! And you don’t have to change your FATTY WAYS! Sorry if that came off mean but sometimes the truth hurts. The lady trying to sell you this awesome pill says you can still eat like you want and lose weight. Now what most people don’t see is at the same time as the smoke and mirrors are flashing on the screen in very small fine print it says diet and exercise are recommended. If a pill promises weight loss and says you can just keep eating the same food that made you fat it should set off all kinds of alarms. But the sad fact is to many people just want to have the magic pill that will fix anything, when the real problem is their diet. It has been shown that adjusting your diet can help all kinds of things, like depression, weight loss, hypothyroid, other autoimmune conditions and sleep. Yet America is becoming full of lazy and lack of self control people, it is sad. I think that is why I want to start helping people. Which is one of the reasons the Boss and I started this site.

One last rant, I think it is retarded to have your name and or your spouses name on your vehicle unless you are like a relator or something like that. I passed a truck yesterday and on the driver side of the back glass it had the husbands name and then the other side had the wife’s name under a over sized gaudy camo Saints symbol and then a bunch of other crappy small look I like to look country decals. I mean come on. I know there are other issues here besides the names… cough..Saints…cough, but how stupid is it to put your first names on you back glass. No one cares. It is almost as bad as soldiers that put the rank of Staff Sergeant and under on their cars. Why pay to put that on when it changes so easily. Plus no one cares.

I feel better now. I will come off my soap box now. Things here at the Cave are starting to get back to normal now. You should start seeing more post from the Boss now that she is feeling better.

-Keepers of the Cage