Hey everyone! Today I thought I would talk about the benefits that we have seen since switching from SAD (Standard American Diet) to Primal. While there have been many benefits small and large I thought I would tell you about the once that make me the happiest.

1. For the first time in my adult life I no longer need to take Iron Supplements.  I have battled Anemia for my entire adult life; between having babies, not eating nearly enough Iron enriched foods and genetics. Not only was I battling Anemia but I also managed to pass this on to Miah who at 2 needed Iron Supplements…not exactly what I wanted for my son. After changing the way that we ate we are both now completely off the Iron Supplements which let me tell you is awesome (have you seen the size of Iron pills!!).

2. Both of my Dino boys have dealt with Eczema for their entire lives (runs in the family), while Alex’s can be controlled with Eucerin cream, Miah was not so lucky.  His Eczema gets so bad that it makes the area between his toes crack and bleed, also he has it behind the ears and pretty much every crease on his little body as well as on his head! Poor Guy!! We were told that the only thing we could do was to lotion him 3 times a day everyday…not fun! We have now been Primal for about 5 months and his Eczema is gone (minus his head)! No more cracking bleeding owies. He is much happier as it no longer hurts him to walk. This alone shows me how wonderful this diet can be.

3. We all have more energy and in turn are more active and are doing more things as a family. Before we would sit around watch TV and eat a lot of snacks (what we considered good for us, goldfish etc…). Now we have cancelled our cable, and are taking more walks, hiking, going to the Park, going on picnics and generally enjoying life more.

I don’t know if everyone gets these results, but I am here to tell you that I feel better, Eric feels better and the kids feel better to me nothing can top that and if being Primal has contributed to that then I say YEY!

What changes have you noticed in your own journeys to a healthy lifestyle?

-Keepers of the Cage