This morning as I was having what was probably my third cup of coffee (I am addicted) I was reading my favorite blog PaleOMG. Today was a guest post by Juli’s friend Tom, it was all about keeping things in perspective.

While I have not started my CrossFit journey or any exercise plan for that matter (4 weeks Post Partum), we have implemented a healthier way of eating as you all know from this blog.  One of the biggest things that I deal with is feeling guilty when I have a “cheat”, but you know what its OK.  Even if I don’t always eat Paleo we have made giant changes in the way this family eats. We are implementing life changing habits in ourselves and our children. Changes that will hopefully stay with them as they grow older.  Go give it a read I think it will really resonate with a lot of you.

In other news, our Dino Miah gave himself a concussion yesterday, caused by falling off his bench and hitting his head and then later jumping on his bed and hitting the same spot even harder. His CAT Scan was normal last night at the ER. This morning we were back at the ER because he was throwing up so much and was having issues walking and talking. He would just stare into space or fall asleep. They say he has Post-Concussion Syndrome, the doctors said his symptoms could last for a week. Here’s to hoping he gets better soon. Little boys sure know how to scare the crap out of you!!

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