Rasing our Primal Dino Babies

So we The Keepers of the Cage have become Primal/Paleo, so to better help people that happen to stumble across our blog by accident and are now hooked (YES!!) understand this lifestyle we felt it would be good to explain what it means to us.

What Paleo means to us is a healthier way to eat; Eric is more of a Paleo eater than the rest of the family.  Paleo is means eat meat, veggies, fruit and nuts.  Pretty simple if you ask us!  The biggest difference between Paleo and Primal to us is very small and that is Dairy.  Which thankfully, no one in our family is lactose intolerant.  We feel it is important for our little Dino’s to get the fat from things like whole milk.  Now we do mix in some almond milk because it is also a great source of calcium, plus the little Dino’s love the stuff.  Stephanie also loves some Dairy mostly cheese…she can’t get enough of it probably because she is a Cheesehead (from Wisconsin), but she indulges in moderation.  We also enjoy eating corn and white potatoes…the purest just went what the heck are you doing that for, because we like them and its all good in moderation.  The big thing that we are learning is as long as you are smart and make healthy informed decisions it is better that the box-o-meal.

So for us it is Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Nuts and the occasional Dairy…NEVER grains.  We say we are 100% Primal 90% of the time.  There are times we have cheat days and eat the processed foods of our past but we quickly regret the decision when we start having tummy problems!  The greatest benefit that we have gotten from this new lifestyle is we are teaching the little Dino’s how to eat healthier and to properly fuel their bodies.

If you want to know more about the Paleo Lifestyle then check out the following sources they have done their research (there is a lot out there) and are far more qualified to talk about the science behind it all!

Robb Wolf blogger and all around Paleo guru.

Mark Sisson one of the most well know Paleo diet and lifestyle bloggers on the web.

Or read any of the many Paleo blogs that are out on the web!



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