Eric here, this is my first attempt at blogging so don’t judge me…ok you can judge me. I wanted to talk about something that I have noticed a lot as my family learns more about how to be primal/paleo.  Most blogs/resources that Stephanie and I read always have suggestions for meals, and a lot of them rock out with their cocks out but some we have issues with.  For example I realize that we should buy grass-fed meat but damn that is expensive with a family of 4 soon to be 5 people with a single income.  The Army pays me but they don’t pay me that well! We try to find ways to make our food cleaner each week, but come on how many single-income families can afford bison, all grass-fed beef/pork/chicken or many of the other meats that are listed on sites as a freezer must haves?  We have found some local places that we may be able to start buying our meat from, like Tennessee Grass Fed. One thing this blog is for is to help people afford to eat healthy on a relatively small budget.

So what we do is try to make smart choices with the meats and produce that we buy.  Now have we F-ed up yes…but we learn and drive on.  We try to buy meats that are on sale, which doesn’t always work out well especially when they are 80% fat and 10% who knows what.  You learn that you have to try harder to find the better meats and maybe have to spend a little more than you thought.  One way that we compensate is to go to the Farmers Market to buy our produce or buy it in bulk.  Would we love to be able to feed our family only the best meats and produce yes but then we would hurt our budget in another area…like the bills.  So the point that I want to get out to anyone starting or are already paleo, primal, or just wants to eat healthier is that you don’t always have to buy the expensive organic foods to be healthy. You just have to make the best choices you can!

-Keepers of the Cage